Monday, November 8, 2010

Hola Familia! It´s me again, Hna Payne!

This week was a little tough. Again, no investigators in church. We left right after sacrament so we could go find someone to come with us. Again, no one. Oh well, next week right?????? Sometimes I wonder if I have the faith to do this work. Right now Im not so sure.I know that my faith can cause miracles because everything says so.. but I dont have a testimony of this. I dont know if that makes sense. I know, I know, ¨forget myself and go to work¨ ¨remember who you are, and who you arent¨´ my job is to only invite... I know all these things. Our mission has the theme of baptisms every week. Well we cant even get people to come to church. But ¨its possible, its possible´´ again I know this. But what things am I doing, or not doing that need to change? Obviously a lot. I have six months in the mission and I dont feel like I have done anything. Booooo! Haha sorry this sounds REALLY negative. Dont worry, all is good. I know that this experience is shaping the rest of my mission. I wouldn't appreciate the good if I didnt know any of the downs of the mission.

Okay, now on to a much brighter note. We had divisions this last week. Best thing ever! I love change. (I might need to be reminded of this love someday). I was with Hna Mena in her area. I have actually worked with her before, my first week in the field when my compa had trainings. She entered into the field the day that I was supposed to get to Argentina. She is from Chile! We woke up and went running! Best day ever! It had been soo long since I had been running. We didnt go far. Maybe a mile, I was afraid to ask her to go more... Maybe my next compa will like running. We also had music in the apt. First time in 6 months since I have listened to music!!!!!! Another reason that it was the best day ever. Drew are you using my ipod??? I like divisions because it gives the chance of learning things from someone else. I have three months with the same person. It was nice to see how Hna Mena does things. I hope we will have divisions more often! It was so nice not to be in a routine. Its amazing what you can do when you have to! Hna Mena didnt know what I could do.. I just had to do it =) The Lord helps his missionaries, that is for sure.

Hey, Mom!!!! Today is your birthday!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MOMMY! HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! Where are yall going to dinner?? What did you get?

We fasted this week! Of course! It is getting quite warm here. I wanted water sooooo bad. The bad news is that it isnt even hot yet. Ha I cant wait until December. Im going to die =)

Well I decided that if things in the mission dont work out and i want to quit.... I found that I have options here. We were down by the river quite a bit this week. Every time we see this man that is working construction. He is always really nice and says hi. Well this one day he is walking with us a short ways and some how says that he wants to live with me... or possibly asks... not really sure, I had no idea what was going on. My compa was quite defensive and kept telling him no. He told her that I was the one that had to make the decison. HAHA but I didnt say anything because I didnt know what they were talking about. Ha but she told him that I had a boyfriend or something to that effect.(Everybody has one of those here. Its just easier to say so that guys will leave you alone) And he asked if I was married. Ha she didnt no why I wasnt adding to the conversation. I figured something bad was goin down and I didnt want to say anything and ruin what had been said! HAHAHAHA but really who says things like that. Oh, I forgot one important detail, he is like 65 years old! He has kids older than me! Well, just a word of warning, if this week is terrible, I know that I can find a ¨¨suga daddy¨¨here! HAAHAHAHAHAH EW!

Mom, you keep talking about Leah Brennan. The first thing you mentioned about her is taht you bought a skirt for her.....? That is all I know. Is she planning on school? Living with yall? Finding an apt?? What happened to Alex?

I will see Elder Beckstead this week at Zone conference, and then transfers next week. He is in a different zone, but we only have these like every 2-3 months and I guess it is easier to have them come to us. Soo weird, he only has one transfer left. Im excited to see him. I really hope that I will get to see Jan when they come. As for things to send im not really sure. I will think about this. Just send jan a brisket or ribs and they will be happy to bring anything. Ha I know what you mean by not knowing. Just ask her. She is sooooo sweet. She wont care if you ask. Ask about the airlines and the restrictions and what she is planning on.

Today for pday we went and had lunch, and then played soccer. I actually really liked playing. Today was really the first time that I have ever played. Hopefully one of these pdays we will get to go to the falls. Maybe I will be transferred to this area one day. I think its only like 5 hours away from us.

Hey, my spanish is getting better. I had to call the mission doctor to ask them a question for my compa. He doesnt speak spanish and when he said hello. I couldt for the life of me give an intro in english. Ha this is what I say the most everyday. HAHA no but really my spanish is getting better. Its still slow, but everyday is better. I cant wait until I can communicate EVERYTHING! But hey, gotta live in the moment and be thankful for what I have!

Dad! IM soooo excited for your news! Its about time =) Keep me updated on this! And thanks for your letter!

Karan! You are sooo faithful at writing. I appreciate this soooo much. Sorry I am horrible at writing! I will try to be better!

Grandma and Grandpa thank you as well for your letters. Again, sorry that I am horrible at writing.

Drew, soo faithful at writing too. But I dont know if I can call you my brother anymore. Ha you know why!

Well fam! Thanks for everything! Have a great week. Love you and miss you lots!

Love, Hna Payne

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