Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hola!! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Im sittin here in good Ol´ Resistencia. Man, are things different! This week has been a little crazy as we are getting to know the area! As far as I can tell Im going to love it here... really i know I will love all of the places. We were told that the ward is pretty big... there really werent very many people this last Sunday because it was raining. When it rains no one does anything.. work, school, or church. The primary was supposed to have had their program this last week, but it is postponed due to the rain. Im excited for this next week to meet all of the ward. We gave our testimonies this last week. At first I thought we had to speak... I about died... but then it was just our testimonies. Ha I would have been nervous no matter what. Hey, we had two investigators in church. One is an eternal investigator... She has known the church for like 8 years. Her Boyfriend is a member, she wrote him the whole time on his mission and he has been back for only 4 months. They have also been dating for the past eight years. They are kind of weird. No idea what her intentions are.... hopefully we can find that out and get her baptized. The other investigator is our neighbor. We live outside of our ward by a couple of blocks.. so she really isnt in our ward. We really arent sure what ward or what elders. Ah we are taking her as a tender mercy, that we didnt have to leave church to go look for anyone. This week we will have others!

Hey, we are in the ward of President. Ha that made me nervous. But then we found out that he really isnt ever in this ward. We didnt want him seeing us with out people in church. I guess its a good thing that we have plans to have lots =)

Hna Runyon has about a year in the mission. She goes home in June. I dont remember your other questions about her. She helps me a lot with my spanish. Hna Marilaf did a lot too. The only difference is that Hna Runyon knows the rules of spanish and can tell me why something is the way that it is. Ha if someone were to ask me rules about English I really woudnt know how to answer that.. And yes Hna Marilaf was great. Why did you think we didnt get along? We wont be BFF but we really didnt have any problems. She is a great missionary and I learned a lot from her. But Im glad for a change. Then again, I usually like change.

So our first night in Resistencia, the Elders took us to our apt where the elders were still packing up their stuff. Ha they left us to clean their dirt! Gross. I think they found out that day that they were to leave and didnt have any time to clean. Im a little sad because my other apt had air conditioning where we sleep. This one has solo fans. Ha we are going to die! Im not complaining, just stating the obvious =) I think Elder Foster from the Seventy said that all the apts need air conditioning, especially for those from the US. I think that is coming next year. Man, I really dont remember humidity it Texas, probably because that was just the way that it was for me. I didnt know a difference. But it is soooo weird being cold from the air, but hot from the humidity at the same time. Weird. I didnt really sweat in Utah, but that is quickly changing here. Yum =)

Our first day working was a taddy bit overwhelming? The elders gave us a map and left. Their area, now our area is the down town heart of Resistencia. I dont know what area to compare it to. It is ALL city with apts mixed into the streets. I want to give you an idea, but I really dont have anything... Every house that we knocked at were people that worked there, not the actual owners. And these people live in other areas kind of far. We didnt know what to do. Contacts in the streets were hard too because these people also didnt live here. But then the following day was the best news ever! We found out that we also have the area of other Elders. The two sets of missionaries in these two areas work in the office so they only had nights to work. So really not much. They are both in another ward and we have their areas. The other area is more of the area of what I had before. Well, its not the country, but there are dirt roads! Yay. We felt a lot better after that.

I know I say this a lot. But I really HATE dogs. There arent as many here is Resistencia. That is a relief. Haha I still pray for protection everyday though! Ha if its important to me, its important to the Lord too! Even if its something as stupid as dogs =) But this last week Hna Runyon was talking to this man and his dog was standing by me. All of a sudden I saw his leg go up.... (he was about to pee on me!) All of a sudden I let out a loud yelp. I didnt know what else to do. The man and my compa thought I was crazy. But no the dog was about to pee on me! NEVER in my life. Im really not sure what that means.. I smell like a dog? I look like a dog? (I was determined not to be an ugly sister missionary, but that has past. But I didnt know that I looked that bad) Or possibly he was just trying to mark me as his territory. Im not too sure, but I really dont like any of those ideas.

Mom, I got your Christmas count down. Very cute. Thank you!

Dust I got your Lake Powell card! I could smell the red sand. All we had in Posadas was red dirt. Now its all white. Definitely different. Hey, TODAY is your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Chels! I got your dearelder! Thanks for all the updates!

Rach! Im still waiting on your letter!

Random P.s. Yesterday was a holiday and today is our pday.

Yall are on your way to Karan´s right now! Weird. Dad are you frying turkey? Eat lots for me. They dont have turkey here. Someone said they saw some in the market for 80 pesos! Needless to say that I wont be eating any!

Okay well I cant really think of anything else. The Gospel if true and nothing else matters. Everyday I am soo grateful for all of the blessings of this Gospel. I still cant believe the opportunity that I have to be a part of this wonderful work. How blessed we truely are! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I love yall. Have a great week, and give everyone my love.

Hna Payne

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