Monday, November 29, 2010

Hola its me again, Hna Payne!

My first shout out goes to Brittany Brooks! I got your letter today and am soooooooo excited. YOU ARE GOING ON A MISSION!!!!!!!!!! I was getting ice cream and I wanted to cry I was so happy. Brazil????? Cool. I wrote you a letter today. It wont get in the mail until next week tho. P.s. I didnt understand a whole lot about the post it note. Haha details please! When? Where? Why? And why soo awkward? Send me an email.. I get them faster! =)

Okay this week... what to say?? We had like 10 baptismal dates.. but 4 of them lost them. BOOOO! We still have six though for December 25th. But only one of these people came to church this last week. Her name is Gladys. She is like 50 and in a wheelchair. She really liked church. We will see what happens. I think she will be baptized but Im afraid she wont be able to get to church every week. We had a taxi this last week which is great, but we cant do that forever.

We are trying to work a lot with the inactive families. We had one mom in church again! That was great. Her husband isnt a member. She has such a sad life. Her husband controls EVERYTHING in her life and doesnt let her go anywhere. Im really not sure how she left with her 7 year old son without her husband saying anything. There are sooo many people that live this way... brain washed, with no way out.

We have a great ward mission leader. Wili. He wants to go with us to lots of our appointments. This man has no shame. Ha he is definitely his own person. He and his wife are giving us lunch this week. She is soooo cute, she hasnt been able to quite talking about it, and that is with EVERYONE. She went to an appointment with us this last week and she was telling this inactive family that she knows, that we are having lunch with them. She was worried about what drink to get us. Sprite or fanta? Oh I feel soo bad, this family has nothing! It was his birthday last week (which we didnt know until it was too late) and they didnt have money to buy a cake. And here they want to give us lunch. Wow. I pray that the Lord will bless them for their sacrifice. I know that he always does. Im pretty sure the members sacrifice more than we think when it comes to lunch for us. Lunch appointments always fall through at the end of the month because no one has money then.

It sounds like thanksgiving was good. Im glad that yall all had a good time. Here it was just another day. But we did have lunch... which the assistants(that arent in our ward or area) tried taking away from us. We were not too happy, but the daughter of the bishop said that we had it. We have lunch every Thursday with the Bishop si o si! The assitants arent my favorite people. We had a run in with them yesterday. The way that approach things is always sooo acusingly. And then I dont have confidence in what im saying, for one i cant speak spanish and two I dont do well in situations like that. We were just doing what our zone leaders said to do. But it makes me so mad that I cant have conversations with people and defend myself without having confidence in what im saying. I dont know if that makes sense. Sorry, I feel like all of my letters are always soo scattered. Anyways, Im trying to love! And I just decided that I need to have more confidence in myself. I decided im not going to be afraid to talk to anyone. And if I am, well they dont have to know that!

Dusty! I just got your email like 2 minutes ago. I didnt understand the translating part? I wrote in english... Its quite possible that it still didnt make sense.. I never reread what I write. Sorry.

Hillary! Loved the letter. I will write next week!

I was trying to send pics but i dont know how... Boo!

Okay well I think that is about all! I love and miss you all! Have a great week.

Hna Payne

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