Monday, January 3, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne! Life is as good as can be!

Guess what!? We were almost robbed today… apparently? Ha its funny because we didnt get robbed. We only had 1000 pesos, our cameras, and our personal and church credit cards… That would have been bad! But we received a phone call from the assistants asking us if we were in the plaza and that we needed to walk! We still arent sure why they were there, or how they knew.. if it were anyone else we would have called them back after. Needless to say we are great and dandy. So yes mom, to answer your question, I know Elder Andrews.

I know that you are dying to know if I saw Jan or not!? YES!!!!!!!!!!! I just love her. She really is one of my favorite people. I got a phone call on Wednesday night from one of the office elders telling me that they were in the office waiting. It was like 8:30 at night and we were about a 30 minutes walk away. We ran like the whole way! Im really not sure that was allowed but I got to see her so I was sooo happy. Thanks so much for the Christmas package. It was perfect! I clipped the key chain to my bag.. it says its hot… great =) The walking thing needs a screw driver so I havent gotten to use that. The skirt is super cute. Its big, but cute so I make it work. The shirts are great too. Thank you. Kels I loved the watch! Thank you. Did you help make it?? Or just Levi? ;)

We spent New Years with President and the office elders and the assistants. I think it was the most chill new years eve that I have ever had. It was fun though. We had a bbq and ice cream.

Hey we had a family in church this last week. Oh my gosh was it a miracle. I dont even know where to start with this family. Yoan is the nephew of Gladys. For being so bad he is a good guy??? Oh I really dont know what to think? We are told that he beats his wife…? How can anyone be a good person that hits their wife? And when I say wife.. we really dont know if they are married. They say they are but Gladys says no. You name the commandment and they a problem with it. They promised us twice that they would come to church.. but we went on Saturday and told them that if they didnt have any interest that there were other people that did. He told us they were going to come. We went to get them the next morning, and they came!!!!! Oh their two year old little girl it naughty! They left after Sacrament meeting and I was worn out… ha and it was just sacrament. I cant imagine what its going to take for them to be baptized. Im excited though because I still havent really seen the atonement change anyone. I know that this góspel changes people! Im waiting to see that change in people. Did I mention that he is a chain smoker? Im pretty sure that is why he couldnt come to class.. he had to smoke. Ha my companion says she wont ask for another baptism if this family gets baptized. Hey, miracles happen. It just depends on if they want it or not. It wont be easy, but I know they can do it!
How are my emails? Answer honestly. I feel that I just ramble about what happens in the week. I dont feel like they are very spiritually uplifting.. or very focused... something to work on?
Hilly! Im sorry to say that you dont even have a card in the mail. I wrote one today, but it wont get mailed till next week. P.s you look sooo good! I got your pic! And I laughed soooo hard at your dedications! Especially the whipped cream game… hahah
Shout out to Lori Preston... my stalker =) Ha I got your xmas letter thank you.
Grandma! Thanks for all of your emails. sounds like yall are all doing great. Hey, I need a 101 for dummies on our family history. My comp has cool stories... and I really dont know anything about my legacy. I want one. HOw do I get one? I need one from Pat too. But like the simplified version... thanks!
Okay well that is about all I have time for. I love yalllllll sooo much! Thanks for everything. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

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