Monday, January 10, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Life is just about as good as it can get here in good Ol Resistencia. This last week in church was kind of a bummer. We missed sacrament because we were waiting on an investigator (the third person that we went to get, the others wouldnt come) Alicia. We have taught her a couple of times. She always seems a little bit drunk and tipsy when we see her. Ha Sunday wasnt any different. She only stayed for the 2nd half of sacrament. President says that we shouldnt be happy if we have any less than four people in the church. Needless to say.. we were disappointed. The family that I talked about last week bailed Saturday night. I really dont know if they are going to progress. Im still not entirely convinced that he isnt a wolf in sheeps clothing. Eh, I dont know how to not judge people, and to just have faith in them.

All of that being said. President said that we should be working on a Chirst-like attribute every transfer. I like that.. Sometimes I think about all of the things that I need to be doing and changing and get overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, and how to follow through on everything. This transfer I am working on charity. (sob, cry, all of the above) Why is charity soooooo hard. Eh, its all soo hard. Im not complaining, just stating the obvious at how hard everything is =) Im loving the mission and am so glad and happy to be here, but Im lacking the love for Argentina and the people. Not that I dont love them.. Im just.. ya kno, not there yet. I love the scripture Moroni 7:48. I didnt have time to type it.
Charity is a gift that we cant get without the Lord and A LOT of effort on our part. I love the word genuine, and of course the meaning. I really am not anything close to a genuine person. My comp and I were talking about that and I think the real meaning behind the word is charity. I think I was always wondering how I could have the appearance of being genuine, but really i think its having a real love for people. That is something that you can not fake. Needless to say, I have a lot to work =)

This week we are trying to work with the members a lot more. They gave us a stat about knocking doors and other things, and then one with having the members with us. I dont remember what it said, but basically it said that knocking doors is a waste of time. Booooo. Its a hard realization to know that you work hard but dont focus your efforts in the right places, it doesnt really matter what you do.

Mom, you asked my favorite food. Im going to say that it is milanesa. Its kind of like a chicken fried steak, but better. Im glad that you got to talk to the Becksteads. I think they were over exaggerating everything, but thats okay. YOu really dont know otherwise, so I will take it =) My spanish is amazing, and I am the best missionary ever! ;)

Hna Jones! I have been meaning to write you. You know how that goes. Then again you were always amazing at whippin out letters. There is a girl Myda in my ward that is moving your way in a week or two. Her mom lives there. Maybe she is in your branch. Anyways, I love you! I love reading your letters. You are amazing. Keep up the faith =)

I didnt get an email from either of those people mom. Ha I figured. I owe chels a letter.... just havent had time. Love ya chels.

Hey can you please send my some bobby pins? I had myself pretty convinced the other day that I was going to cut my own hair. I have heard a lot of horror stories about how the chop it off... and then I looked at the back and realized there is no way that I could cut my own hair. The only plus side to doing it myself would be that I woudnt take of length. Maybe I will let my companion do it. But then again, even if the styliest is bad.. she at least has more experience than me and my comp. Hum.. I dont know. Random side note. Maybe I will buy some scissors.

Drew, I remember getting a letter about you asking how the fam was doing in their FHE. How are you doing on that btw?

Hilly! Thank you for just loving me. I love, love, love getting your letters. I loved your scriptures. Keep it up. Good luck on your first day of work. You will do amazing! I put yours and Angels letter in the mail today. Hill tell Mike that I am waiting on a real letter from him.

Kels, I loved the pics! B is soo adorable. Im glad you like the boots. I loved the pic that I got with her in them. I still havent gotten your xmas card. hopefully tomorrow in our district meeting.

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