Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. Life is pretty good. Ha are you reading into that? Okay, so it was kind of a rough week, not really any reason why. Just the way it goes I guess. But now its pday and I have forgotten about last week. The weather is actually cool today. It was definitely heaven sent. It is starting to get a lot hotter and its harder to sleep. Boo but then again, it was because we were fasting. We decided we cant complain about how hot it is because at least we have water. It is pure torture to fast with out water.
This last week was a funny experience. We went home to have lunch and my comp wanted to cook. She couldnt get the burner lit for the stove though. We figured we were just out of gas and called for replacement. They told us it would be about an hour before they could get there. Well as I was sitting there eating I jokingly told my companion that our gas tank was probably stolen. (we had two neighbors tell us that we needed to buy a lock for our gas, that someone had stolen someone elses in our apt building. We just kind of shrugged it off and figured we would get around to it eventually.) Well Hna Runyan went out just to look and came back in telling me that it was gone. I of course didnt believe her until I went and looked for myself. It was indeed gone. Well by that time we had already called for the replacement. We had no idea what a new tank cost. Turns out it was more than 200 pesos. Usually its only like 30 for a refill.We then went back and contemplated life and how we were going to buy more gas... we figured we could just live off of cereal forever.. but then that didnt really solve the problem. What would we tell president? ¨hey we were warned but didnt buy a lock, and now its gone..can we have more money?¨ Well, then we had to leave and go to our district meeting when I happened to see a piece of paper on the ground by the door. I started to laugh and thought it was from the people that stole our tank telling us sorry for taking it and such. Ha well it was definitely from the person that took it alright. It was our next door neighbor, Laudi. It turns out that someone tried to steal it that morning and she just happened to go outside at that time. He ran away and she ran after him, and found another guy in the same color shirt and grabbed his collar. Ha this lady is old and fat, with a heart of gold! She saved our gas!!!
So then we were just trying to apply this to others and ourselves. But its like the people that we are teaching. I dont really blame them for not wanting to change their lives. They think that life is great, that they dont need anything else. Yet, they have the next door neighbors (the missionaries) warning them what is to come, and what they could have, NOW. They may like the feelings, the message, and have intentions to ONE DAY buy the lock for the gas, that will keep it safe (accept the gospel, and live the commandments which ensures a different kind of security that they have never fully experienced)
I guess that is the way our Heavenly Father feels when he has given us his council and we chose to disobey. He absolutely knows better. He sees the big picture that we cant. He knows what will really make us happy. He tells us now, so that we can have peace and happiness right NOW. Right now we have the opportunity to change and repent. But one day its going to be to late. It is too easy to think ´´one day I will do it, one day i will change.´´ That is how Satan gets us. He pulls us into a false sense of security.

What else happened this week......? We found a really good investigator yesterday. She is a reference from the elders. She said that she is looking for something in her life and that she is going to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. Why is it that we need hard things to turn us to the Lord? Eh, I really dont blame people for now wanting to listen. They think their life is good.


Rachel Thomas?????

Camie I need your address so i can send you a letter back! It was soo good to hear from you.

Dusty, you can send yellow envelopes that dont count as packages, and they are of course a lot cheaper =) Ask my mom is you dont know what im talkin about.

Mom, I need a family pic with the whole fam! I have different pics of everyone but not one all together.

Karan, I got your letters! Thank you. I love you.

Okay, well that is about all. I love you all lots. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Hna Payne

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