Tuesday, January 25, 2011


sorry this letter is going to be super lame. The place that we are at
is kicking us out. I really dont have much to write about anyways.

My testimony is growing in member missionary work! I have about
decided it is impossible with out the help of the members. We had two
different members help us with Mirta this last week. One of them went
and picked her up for church, and then the Bishops wife knew her from
work. When she walked in the door they just wrapped her in a hug and
dragged her to sit down with them. We didnt have to do anything or
worry. That is the way its supposed to be. But hey, i was never a good
member missionary. I didnt see the importance for it. Which living in
utah is harder. Not impossible, just harder. But like Elder Bednar
said, its the members work.. the missionaries are there to help. If
only it could be that way. Well, until then we will keep working hard
finding new people and getting the members to help.

Its getting hotter here. Ha we were walking down a dirt road and a
little kid called out to us. I turned around and he lodged a water
balloon at us. Ha he hit my companion. I love argentina. There are
sooo many things that are soo different, but it makes it argentina.

Hey, this week I took some cigerettes from a guy. He said he was on
his last one. So I asked him if I could have his other ones. Then I
had them all day and didnt know what to do with them. He was supposed
to have come to chuch yesterdsay. He has a baptism date and
everything. Ha im having faith here that he didnt say yes to all of
these things because we are two missionaries. I would say cute
missionaries... but lets be honest we lost that a long time ago.

Okay well dad let me know about the bus. mom I will let you know about
the pics.
Have fun with miss B and Kels. I love yall so much.

Ang and kb thanks for the letter.

Angie you have a letter going in the mail today.


Hna Payne

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