Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, hna payne. Have I ever mentioned that I hate writing? Again, I dont have anything to say =) I will give it my best go though.

This week at church.. well we got to go to sacrament after we went to get three families... none of which came. It rained like cats and dogs the day before and it was sooo muddy walkin on the dirt roads. That was fun. There was one investigator in church. I say one.. but his wife is a memeber and we still arent teaching him. Hopefully the bishop will talk to him soon. Our sad little ward. There was like 35 people in church. Soo many inactives =( The people had been praying for hermanas. Now we are here and I feel like we are failing them. Well, we continue to go on and do our best.

Mirta wasnt at church this last week. We werent able to get a hold of her in any way. The one time we talked to her by phone and got an appointment, she wasnt there. And then we went by other times too. Hopefully this week will be different. We had another family promise us they were going to come.. then last minute on saturday night they just werent. We were even going to go get them in a taxi. The culture is soo different down in this area. I dont know how to describe it with out being negative and judgemental. Maybe this Sunday =)

Transfers are tomorrow. I love Hna Runyan but I really want and need a latina. I asked president in my letter. Ha we will see if it happens. But I REALLY need it. I have 9 months and I cant talk, i dont understand. Eh I only have 9 months left. I feel done before I even get started. What if I never get it? Maybe its best if I come home before I completely fail. Totally kidding. And I know, I know... ´´Forget myself and go to work!´´ Great council =) Dont worry im not down or discouraged or anything.. just stating the obvious.. okay and maybe complaining just a taddy bit =)

Why I love Argentina story: It was raining cats and dogs the other day and we were down ´´north.´´ We were walkin the dirt roads. They were sooo muddy and we were slippin and slidding. I was wearing my rain boots but Hna Runyan was in her normal shoes. She decided to walk on the side walk to try and help her. What she didnt notice was that the sidewalk ended (because everything looked just muddy) and she fell into one of their ditches. Ha she was soaked. There were a couple of kids that were watching and they just died laughing.. along with us of course. She is probably going to die from a parasite or something. We arent sure if their sewage runs out in them. Gross.

Dad I have a cd with the Shenandoah (fix spelling) song on it. I think of you. What is the story again? I remember watching it one time... I also eat lots of peaches. I think of you when I have to peel my own =)

I got my hair cut.. that was an experice. It was a by a guy named Ramon (one of the other hermanas went the week before). I just thought he would have had a more gentle touch when he was washing my hair. It hurt. But I still have my long hair, so thats good.

Sounds like you have options with the business. That doesnt sound like you to let strangers in on it.. and to share you bean recipe. Here I was banking on a job when I got home.. and a good one. Ha oh well.

We went to wal mart and mcdonalds today. Not that exciting. Mom you asked about my clothes. We wash them by hand. Or sometimes we ask one of the members that said she could. I will NEVER complain about doing laundry one day when I have a washer and a dryer.. even if I do have 12 kids. The little things (or the big things) that we take for granted.

Okay well I love yall. Thanks for all yall do. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

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