Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne.

Life here is about as good as it can be. Quite an eventful week. I say that... Now I cant remember anything. I hate writing. I know yall do too. Maybe I will just send pics from here on out. Less pressure =)

Mirta was at church again this week. We are going to try and put another baptism date with her. She rejected the first one. She is sooo great though. We need to find a way to talk to her kids though. Im pretty sure they dont have any interest... but that can change. We need her to tell them. We will also be talkin about that.

Hno Fantine was also there. He is the member that isnt really a member. His 2nd wife is a member and her two daughters. Hna Fantine is our mom here. She is always wanting to help us do something. Other elders have given him the lessons before. She wants us to start. But we have a mission plan here that some high up people came up with. The Bishop picks 15 inactive families that he wants us to start teaching, but someone in the bishopric has to stop by first and tell them that we are going to start. Well since he isnt inactive (one of the daughters is) we figured it would be okay to start.. but he wants to talk to him first. We need him to get rolling on that. There will be baptisms in these families!

We went out with a member this last week. He is sooo great. He is in the stake and always in and out of our ward. He told us he had some references for us and wanted to go with us. We figured he had been a member forever, and served a mission, and all that goes with that. Turns out he is a convert of 3 years. He worked in a casino and found a Joseph Smith pamphlet under a bottle of beer. He started to read it and heard a voice that said he needed to prepare to be baptized. He walked to the only mormon church that he knew of and talked to someone that was working in the yard. He casually asked how he could be baptized. WOW. Every missionary´s dream! There are people ready =) The Lord´s promises are sure.. live worthy and he will help us fulfill our purpose.

Why I love Argentina story:

Well, Argentina is quite a confidence booster when it comes to our looks. We always feel so...... gross and not at all like a girl. But that doesnt stop the men of Argentina. We are always getting cat (i dont know how to spell that) calls, whistles, kisses (the sound, not the real ones, except for a couple of times on accident), and even marriage proposals. This last week was all of the above. We were walking down the street when we decided to cross early to avoid one of our many boyfriends. Well he happened to be on the wrong side and tried getting us to talk to him. We kept walking as we told him we didnt have time, that we had a appointment. He realized we werent going to stay and talk so he desperately blurted that he wanted to get married with me. What!? Who does or says that? The desperates I guess. I kept walking as I tried to tell him that I was like a nun. But instead I told him I was single. I think the word that I was looking for was that Im celibate. Ha Im not even exactly sure what that means. Okay no i do know what that means, but its what a nun is and it means that i am not avaliable to get married. Im thinking that would have been a better word.. any words would have been better than ´´im single.´´ Again, I know that if the whole mission thing doesnt work out.. i still have options =)

Why I love my companion story:

We were sitting there planning at night when my companion said that her head itched. Yup, you know where this is going. We finished planning and she went to shower. Then she did a little scream/yelp. I figured there was some huge bug in the bathroom, until i remembered she said that her head itched. I went in and she asked what the tiny little bug was on her finger. Yup, my companion had/probably still has LICE. We called Hna Del Castillo and she told us to go buy stuff at the pharmacy. I bought a shampoo as a preventive treatment, she bought the hard stuff. We were up till 2 in the morning pulling little licey bugs out of her hair. I knew the mission prepared people to be married and to be parents.. but I never thought in this way. Gross. We dont have a washing machine to wash all of our stuff. We dont have a vacuum for the carpet. Pretty sure im the next victim. Great. But its different here. We went over to a member home, a nicer home. We told her we didnt want to come in because of the lice. She just told us not to worry about it, and that its really common. They didnt even battt an eye. Needless to say my hair will be up for the rest of my time here =)

Brit and Ang I got your letters! Thanks.

Karan you will have a card in the mail next week. Promise!

Okay well Im glad yall had a good time with Miss B. SOunds like she is lots of fun. Have a great week. I love yall.

Hna Payne

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