Monday, February 14, 2011

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Well, Im still here in good ol Resistencia, with the same ol companion =) I was really sad though when we got transfer calls and I wasnt changing. Ha THEN the assistant called.. I guess to say bye or something (im not going to say that I was glad.. or that I really like the new one) he said that I was movin up the senior and that I was gettin a latina, Hna Nava, another missionary close. I was sooo excited. But that I didnt hear, was him say that he was just joking. He went on to talk to my comp for like 10 minutes all the while I was wondering what i was going to do the next day. Then I found out he was kidding. Ha talk about sad day. Oh well. I love Hna Runyan, so if I have to spend it with a gringa, it might as well be her. THe response back from President was four words ´´patience is the word´´ Eh, im not a patient person! And what does that mean? That we will be together ANOTHER transfer. Ha if that were to happen it would be 6 months together as comps and three just knowing each other. Or next transfer I could have a mini. Oh I hope not. A mini is a regular person from our mission that comes in for a transfer when missionaries dont get here. I think we will have like 4-7 minis. It all depends on how many sisters we get. I could be making up that number... but i think we have like 3ish now.. and like 4 sisters leave this transfer (one of them being my trainer.) Any ways im enjoying the journey.. where ever that takes me.

This week we finally talked to Mirta!!! Our zone leaders called us telling us that Mirtas employee callled them to tell us to keep going by, that she was worried that we were mad at her because she missed out appointments. The thing is that we had gone by every other day if not every day. The kids just hadnt been giving her the messages. Anyways she came to church, which means she has 3 times in church, which means she can be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just havent been able to talk to her in like 2 weeks, and she has only had the 1st lesson. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. Hopefully we can get a fecha with her.

I dont have a whole lot so I will send pics =)

Karan, I got your letter! Since Im absolutely horrible with letters, I will at least give a shout out every week! =)

Mom, I didnt get your package.. maybe tomorrow =)

Dirty, No excuses =)

okay well it didnt work.. my pictures... really i just dont have time now. sorry.
Maybe next time =) i was even going to send one in my hat.

Okay well have a great week. I love yall!

Hna Payne

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