Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hola! Its me again, Hna Payne!

Life is just about as good as it can be. Not a lot of time to write today.. thats okay, I dont have much to say anyways.. Eh I just tried sending photos again... but its not coming up... =( what pics did I send last? Did i ever send one in my hat?

Yesterday we had zone conference so this morning we get to write. I love zone conference. We only have them like every 3 months. I wish we could have them every week. They are always so spiritually uplifting, but then at the same time soo....hard. Ha we always walk away knowing we arent doing enough. Sooo much depends on sooo little. Always lots of room for improvement.

Mirta was at church this last Sunday. She still doesnt have a baptismal date. She said she would call us this week because she is on vacations. We dont really know how we can help her. She went and talked to the Bishop after church though. Maybe he gave her some great words of wisdom. We know that she isnt reading the Book of Mormon. Some how we have got to change that. We talk about the BoM all the time. But she isnt going to get a strong testimony of these things with out reading.. .its just not going to happen.

We decided that we are going to be focusing more in men and families. That is what we need here. Something interesting that President told us a while back was that Elder Foster (in the seventy) was telling him how the work here for gringos is coming to an end.. how we need the Latinos to serve here. Which im sure that has always been the idea and goal. It just seems that they are really going to try pushin it more. President asked us yesterday that we need to send in all the names of young boys that are floating around in our wards. I dont know if they have some kind of plan for them.. but he said that we are going to be needing all of the gringos in china. Its cool to know that the work continues to move forward. It will be interesting if one day that is where all of the gringos are called.

Karan! I got your email and xmas card. Sorry I didnt mention that one. I have had that for a long time. And it is never too late to send my bday card. It might be after, but it will be something to open =)

Mom, I need some sunscreen.. the spray rub in kind. Crystal light packets are always welcome, especially raspberry ice. And I need a snickers bar. Someone was asking me about one. I just decided i like opening things =) Oh and a couple of tooth brushes!

Dad, im still waiting on my package of dried bananas and apricots =)

I cant find the email with camie´s address.

Has Hope left on the mission yet? Which mission is it again?

Kels, I loved the pics. Soo cute

Okay, well I love yall and miss yall. Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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