Monday, February 28, 2011

Hola Familia! Its me again, Hna Payne. Here it is another week and time to write again. Crazy.

This last week we only had one investigator. Hno Fantine. The husband of the member. Well I can officially call him an investigator. We asked him if we could start coming by and giving him the lessons. Im not really sure what to expect here. All the elders before have all tried getting a baptimal date but he doesnt like the pressure of that and I think it might have a little to do with his first wife and fam. But I think we are just going to start giving him the lessons and when we get to three we will ask him what it is that he wants. Not sure yet. But oh our poor little ward. I want to say we average about 45 every Sunday but we were even less than that this last sunday. The bishop called everyone to repentance and told them to bring inactives to church. But I dont think they know what they can do to fellowship someone. Eh we are trying to come up with a plan. We are trying to focus in men and families. THat is what our ward needs. Well, that is what everyone needs. We are just trying to all together avoid the moms that have the husbands that dont want to listen.

Hna Runyan and I started a new theme 创sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven创 from praise to the man. There was a guy that talked to us about when he was a mission president in Mexico and they had this theme. They started a room in the mission home where they all the missionaries could send in their possessions that were distracting them. He said he got soooo many things. Cds, photo albums, a guitar... etc. This room got to be FULL of stuff. And the results were more baptisms. Well, we dont have this theme in the mission, and we really dont have any guitars to send into President.. but we decided we could sacrifice more of ourselves. You know you leave on the mission, and that is the easy part... giving up school, work, families... etc like you have no choice in that part.. the hard part is consecrating ALL of yourself to the work. The things, you think about, some of the little rules, etc. Sooo much depends on sooooo little. I know that I have changed.. i have been here for 9 months.. but I still feel like the same old callie trying to do big girl things. Well there is ALWAYS more to sacrifice! 创Sacrifce brings forth the blessings of heaven.

Drew! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR DREEEEEWWWW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You definitely need to go eat at cheesecake factory and eat a chocolate Godiva cheesecake for me. AND an oreo, butterfinger shake from jcw and dedicate them both to me =)

Thank you Drew, mom, Karan and Grandma for the Bday wishes =) I still havent gotten any mail in like forever.. so I will let everyone know when I get something from them.

I thought that I was going to have lunch this Thursday with the Bishop and his wife (every thurday is lunch with the bishop). Turns out we have an orientation thing all day instead. Ohh well. The lunches are always good at least.

Kels, That is sooooo cool. You didnt write when any of this will take place. Like next week? Where is this house? And Im still waitin on the other good news... but then again it wont get there in time.. boo.

Hna Jones! I dont need anything. Just send me a letter =) As always I love hearing how you are. Im sorry you arent in the mountains anymore. Yes, I am still in my second area with my second companion. We could very easily have another transfer together. If we do have another one it will be 6 months together as companions, and then before that we were in the same district. I think Hna Runyan just might be an eteral mission companion. Well she goes home in June so I guess it cant be forever. I love her though. We have fun

DADDY! That is way super cool! It sounds like you are getting a dream come true.

Okay well i give up sending pictures. i have been trying the last month. I had a good story and everything.. and wanted to send the photo. I cant just tell you the story now. Boo.

Okay well I love yall soo much. Thanks for all you do for me. Have a great week.

Hna Payne

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