Monday, August 1, 2011

Hola familia! Its me again, Hna Payne, from Good ol´ Posadas, Misiones, Where the red ´´dirt´´ grows! Yes, I am back where I started! Well, not the same ward, but super close. I was super excited to get transfer calls to say that I was going home =) I HATE good byes, but LOVE changes. My companion is Hna Juarez from Guatemala. This is her second transfer and we are excited for this transfer. She is really nice, and a little shy, but all with a super willing spirit. I got here and they had two baptism dates because her trainer refused to put, or even try to put dates. Haha little does my comp know that putting baptismal dates is the easy part... its getting them to church thats the hard part. Our area is huge! Its going to be sooo fun to try and learn the area... not. Ha my comp doesnt really know either... I guess its time to learn how to read a map =) Im guessing there will be lots of room to laugh!

I have NO CLUE about Juan Carlos =( He went out of town Tuesday and got back Friday) He was to have his interview in the afternoon on Friday and his baptism Saturday??????

Okay, well Im sorry this is an extremely lame letter, not a lot to say! Next weeks will be bettter! Have a great week!!!!!

Hna Payne

Send my hellos to mike! Wish him luck for me.

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