Friday, August 26, 2011

Hola familia!!!!!!! Its me again, Hna PAYNE!!!!!!!!!!

Its sooooo cold here. Im ready for the heat! These last few days have been very cold. I sleep with five layers and 3 blankets! Heat is such a blessing!!!!!!!!Im sooo cold natured. Well, im sure it will be over in the next couple of days and be hot again. Thats the way it is here in Posadas.

Well we had part of the family Rotela in church. The dad, and the son.. The mom still isnt on board and one of the kids.. (everyone has free agency here and the kids do what they want) But we have another lesson with them tonight and will be talking a lot about the family. The kid told us they arent married so we will be talking about that too!

We have some good people! Its just getting them to want to change or feel the need to change. If they would just think a few things through...... We talked to a girl yesterday that didnt know very much at all about Christ. She told us she was interested in listening about Christ because her church focuses in Mary and saints, not our Heavenly Father and Christ. WHAT!?!? Its fun reading the Book of Mormon and seeing all of the effects of the apostasy. Its truly incredible. I love the Gospel and love getting to know different kinds of people. I mean who has the opportunity to just go up to any door, knock, and ask if we can come in? Getting to know someone else´s story of life is so fun, and lots of times very hard. We are trying to teach a lady with two kids and a boyfriend/husband. When they met she wasnt a church going girl but somewhere in the years she changed. they have gone through some really hard things, but instead of growing together through the trials, they grew in opposite directions. They dont talk. He just laughs at her when she talks about God. He doesnt want her to go to church so he doesnt go to work to try and get what he wants. The other day her kid was sick and she had to take him and her other kid on her bike to the doctors because the husband didnt have, or wouldn't give her money for the bus. She has no options. no money. and no family. She promised to go to church with us this sunday if she is still with her husband. You cant help but walk away from lessons with some of the weight of these people. And what can i do? I can only invite her to come unto Christ and be baptized in His church. I dont know how, but i know the Lord will provide for her. My eyes have been opened to the problems of the world. We are truly blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and family. Im definitely learning the importance of family, and the role the gospel has in our family. It would be soo much harder to live the commandments, and return to live with our Heavenly Father again, just by ourselves. Im thankful for the Plan of Salvation and that our families are vital to this plan. The best place to learn of Christ and his principles is in the family. Thank you mom and dad for giving that to me. I know that its through your sacrifices that I could grow up in gospel, and that its now easy for me. Now, to help other families so it can one day be easy for their kids!

Okay, well I love, love, love yall! Have a great week!

Hna Payne

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