Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Monday was freezing and raining, and today is very warm. Crazy, crazy weather. I love being back in Posadas(the city) and Misiones (the state). Its so nice to have a big area that doesnt feel like everyone knows the missionaries already. This week turned out to be a great week... well, after church (we only had one person in church. we have 16 people with baptism dates but none are appearing very promising.). After church we took the bus out to the border of our area for a lesson that we had planned. We got there a little early so we started lookin for some new people. We found a girl named Jessica. We are really working hard to teach to the needs of the people.. which is sometimes really hard for me to relate everything back to them... but when we teach to their needs, walking away from the lesson is soo much easier. Maybe they wont get baptized.. but at least we did our part to declare. She accepted to come to church and be baptized... (like lots of other people, but the lesson just felt different.) We then took another bus to another area to find a guy that helped us find someones house a couple weeks back. We of course asked him if we could come by his house. He said he was never home except for lunch. We took the chance of a Sunday night. We didnt find him or the direction but we found another guy that accepted a date to be baptized. We were sitting outside of whats called a kiosko which is like a little concession stand with all the normal things that people buy. While we were teaching him a guy with his baby came by two different times to buy something. We were leaving and this guy was at another kiosko buying something. We passed by him. Then I turned around to go and talk to him. He was walking towards us. I told him who we were and he told us that he was listening but didnt say anything because he didnt want to interrupt. It turns out that he has listened to the missionaries before (i dont know how much). He wanted to know when we could go by his house. Yay!!!!! Then the Sunday before a drunk man found us and asked us when we were coming by his house. He said that there were kids and he wanted a change for them and his family or something like that (remember he was drunk). He said that it was Sunday so he was a little drunk but wouldnt be the following day. We went by several times that week but he wasnt there, but found him on Saturday. He was a completely different man. Its amazing what alcohol can do to you. He said he will be home today and that we can come by. Well we called him last night to make sure he was going to be home. He was soo drunk. He kept telling me to listen to him and kept asking the time that we were going to come by. He wanted to know how we planned on helping him and how he didnt want to waste his time. Haha and it was him that was asking for our help! Well if there is anything that can change this man it would definitely be the Gospel of Jesus Chirst. Im excited for our lesson whith him tonight... that is if he is sober =)

Sorry, that was a lot of details about a lot of nothing for yall.. but It should be a good week. We definitely have to work on getting people to church. But when i got here we didnt have anyone so i figure it takes a couple weeks to get some good people and get them to church. They usually never come the first sunday. Its sooo hard to get in, give them the lesson, commit them to read, pray, get baptized with a specific date, and get them to church. Lots of commitments! But if they arent keeping commitments then they arent repenting and coming unto Christ =)

This Friday we have zone conference. Im super excited. Its great because they are centered just for us. As of right now there arent any big new rules. The same ones are still here.

Samantha, I got your letter! Thank you sooo much. Please let me know where you are going. You can email me!

ANNNGGEEELL!!! Congrats on the BABY GIRL!!!!!!! What is hill having???

Okay fam that is about all from me. Thanks for all you do. I love yall!

Hna Payne

P.S. JUAN CARLOS GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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