Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne!

This last week was a great week. We have zone conference and I just love President and his wife. They are just soooo great.

I am always soo surprised to find new investigators and see the way they live their lives. It hurts my heart. We found a woman the other day with two little girls that lives with the mom/gma. She is living with her mom because she is waiting to get back with the dad of her little two year old. They arent together now because he went off with someone else and she may or may not be pregnant. He told her that he wants to get back with her if the other one isnt pregnant. This guy has beat her and her child, but she doesnt care. She only wants what is ´´rightfully hers´´. She made a promise with God that if she gets her man back that she would get baptized in the Evangelical church. The way she treated her child was terrible. I was just sooo sad for her and her kids. I just dont get it. These little girls are going to grow up thinking that the man is supposed to beat them. What!? Some people should not be allowed to have kids. But the gospel can change their lives! If only they would let it. There are soo many willing to do ANYTHING for their kids physically, but they dont find the spiritual part important. Or there are sooooo many catholics that dont agree with half of the things their church does, but go along with it because of the tradition of the family. Well, that is why we are here, no?? INVITE others to Christ and not force them. If only it were easier =) But where would the lessons learned be??

We had one 14 year old in church with a baptism date. All of his family have dates too, but didnt come because of work? But when we went by to take the kid home, the mom and dad were both there. We went to get another fam and they didnt come because the dad had to work, and one of the kids had a cold or something. This week for sure. We will be working with them a lot! They have interest though for their kids. They will have to get married. It just takes time to get the appointment to do it. We will be talkin marriage with them this week =)

So i was always kind of looking to see someone from my old area. I knew it wasnt likely, but i couldnt help but keep an eye out. We were walking to our last stop to invite someone to church for the next day. This road was dark, and very deserted. I commented to my comp how Sunday nights are very dead and that the guy a long ways in front of us was going to kill us and there would be no one around to witness it or hear us scream. We finally reached the person and we were on opposite side of the street. She asked us if we were the missionaries. I let out a squeal of delight as i realized who it was. It was Hna Maimo!!!! She was like our mom in my first area. She was in the area for a dinner appointment with a friend and decided to see if we were in the apt until she realized that it was too early. She just happened to walk the same road that we were, when our paths met. Tender mercy! She is one of the most loving people in the whole wide world. You know what else was great?? I understood and could talk to her. Well, that would be a given now but when i left the area, no! She invited us to lunch one pday. We were going to get permission to go today but we couldnt get a hold of her. Maybe next week.

Okay well that is about all.... Have a great week. I love, love, love yall!

Love, Hna Payne

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