Monday, August 29, 2011

Hola familia, its me again, Hna Payne. Its definitely not cold this week. Its 78 and beautiful. Life is good. Today we went to Villa Cabello to have lunch with Hna Maimo, my mom in my first area. It was soo weird. I wanted to go visit some of the families, but President didnt like that idea. He was fine for lunch, but not to be in the elders area running around. Boo. But it was sooooooooo good to be there. The hna is so sweet. She made us her homemade pasta. Yum! And while we were there another hna that we used to have lunch with (one that i wanted to visit) showed up. I will get to see them in next month at General Conference. WHAT!??!?!?!?!? Next month??? Where has time gone. Everday goes by that much faster. This week went by way fast because pday was on tuesday.

This last week we only had Fabian in church. Sad, but I was super content with life because he came all by himself. We talked to him early in the week and he said he wanted to come again.. but would have to see what happened. Well we had another lesson with them on Saturday, but only Matias, the son was there because the dad had to work. He said that he would be coming whether we went by for him or not. Sunday morning we were waiting for him to come and it was like 9:30 when we called him and the mom said they had left. It turns out that only the dad came because Matias was sleeping. BOO. Miracle! Another miracle is that when we were at their house on Saturday the mom told us that she was about to leave but that she wanted to start the lessons on saturdays. Its definitely progress! Matias and Fabian have dates for September 17th. Well Fabian isnt going to make that date because he has to get married... and im not sure where we are at on that. He said he was going to talk to his wife about church before the whole marriage thing. But Matias is going good for the 17th. He even goes to seminary. We have another family that we are working with that needs to get married to. The husband has been inactive for years. We are trying to get him a testimony. Getting people to church is soooo hard. They want to know the church is true before going.

Mom you asked about heat and transportation. No one has heat here. The people have little space heaters if they are lucky. We have one, but dont sleep with it. Its really ghetto and not super trustworthy. But luckily we dont need it this week. We use the bus more. Our area is really big so its nice to have something. We only used buses to go to church in Formosa. Formosa was TINY.

Mom! Thank you for gettin my license taken care of! Did you do it all by yourself? Or did you talk to Jess?

Dad, congrats on your coming soon store·!!!

Hilly! what are you having¿???

well that is all! Have a great week. I love, love, love yall!!!!!!!!!!

Hna Payne

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